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News and developments

TivatrainerX is an educational programme, developed to explain pharmacokinetic principles and show the pharmacokinetic properties of IV anesthetics and other drugs.

Version  Date  added or changed 
1.0  4 Nov 2013  first release 
1.1  2 Dec 2013  Saving file not possible:solved
problem with entering small weight/young age and detection of different patient data:solved
1.2  Dec 2013  handle 2 compartments pk. Handle no effect compartment.Several bugs and inconsistencies solved. Version not released
1.3  Jan 2014  IVassist for Effectsite or Blood. Totals for infusion segments with or without bolus. Fast switching between manual and IVassist in mainscreen by double tapping the mode label. Fast switching to realtime mode by tapping 'time'. Switching modes between TCI ETCI and back again possible. Switching mode between TCI/ETCI and manual possible, switching back only when in manual mode no change in drug input. List of bolus and infusion with totals or time runs always available in settings screen when in manual or IVassist mode. List of targets in TCI/ETCI mode. Added Tranexamic acid as an example of using simulations for non anaesthetic drugs
Error internet druglist: Eleveld  8 June 2014  Covariate calculation Propofol Eleveld model in 32 bits IOS(iPhone 4,4S,5) caused error. Now corrected: remove Eleveld model from local list and reload from internet list. Here is how to.
planned    Decrement time. Copy paste bolus/infusions targets. Output in Tivatrainer format. 3d model.
2.0  2016  Animated 3d Model implemented. Export to Tivatrainer for PC. Export to Excel, Numbers and Text file
2.1  Feb 2018  Some bug fixes in IV assist
3.1  June 2018  You can copy and paste between simulations by applying a long touch anywhere in the simulation.
source(copy) in TCI or ETCI mode, and target(paste) in manual mode -> infusion rates are transferred
source(copy) in TCI or ETCI mode and target(paste) in TCI or ETCI mode -> targets are transferred

Pharmacodynamic simulation window added: Bispectral Index(BIS) with the Eleveld[2] model
Mar 2019  Dosing Units for manual entry can be changed
Multiple effect sites for dexmedetomidine[Hannivoort] Implemented
Including resulting effects: HR,BIS,MAP and sedation score(MOAAS)
Multi-platform  2022 
We are working on a platform independent version including:
iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows , Linux
First release will be for android Q1 2022
Metabolites  2022 
Many drugs have active metabolites:
Lidocaine, midazolam, ketamine,remimazolam
if adequate information is available, I will implement the concentration of the metabolites in the display