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TivatrainerXfor Iphone, Ipad and MacBook(with M1 chip)

"TivatrainerX available in App store"

Check out the I-Manual page for an interactive explanation of the current functions

TivatrainerX is an educational programme, developed to explain pharmacokinetic principles and show the pharmacokinetic and, where available, pharmacodynamic properties of IV anesthetics and other drugs.

For questions send an email to tivatrainer in the domain (at) tivatrainer.com

Other reasons to send us an email:
-you want to be informed when the new platform independent version(android) is ready for testing
-you found a bug in the current TivatrainerX
-you want another drug implemented with published(and reviewed) pk parameters
-you have a great idea for an enhancement of the functionality of the software
-you want to be informed when the druglist is expanded