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TivatrainerXfor Iphone, Ipad and MacBook(with M1 chip)

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Check out the I-Manual page for an interactive explanation of the current functions

TivatrainerX is the iphone version of Tivatrainer for PC. It can be used at the point of care to simulate blood and effect concentrations of intravenous drugs when administred in different modes, manual: bolus and infusion, target controlled infusion of blood or effect. TivatrainerX can also be used to show the differences between the models implemented in commercial available devices for Target Controlled Infusion.
In the IVassist mode it has the unique capability of calculating the bolus and infusions required to obtain and maintain a specific effectsite concentration within certain limits.
It can be set to run realtime and when in IVassist mode the target concentration can be changed at any point in time. Interactions between Propofol and most of the opioids are displayed. TivatrainrX comes with a standard set of IV anaesthetics(see drug list). On the website more drugs are available that can be downloaded on the iphone for offline use. There are models for obese patients, peadiatrics and other specific patient populations.

TivatrainerX is an educational programme, developed to explain pharmacokinetic principles and show the pharmacokinetic properties of IV anesthetics and other drugs.

Tivatrainer(X) has initially been developed by Frank Engbers, MD, FRCA, Anaesthesiologist, at the time Target Controlled Infusion(TCI) was introduced in anaesthesia.
It has been and is used for numerous workshops, research projects and publications
In some recent publications the drug effect(Pd) is also modelled. Using the powerfull copy/paste function you can use these Pd model data with other simulations
We (the team at Gutta: see our other project website labelSyringe.com) are working on a version that will run on android, macOS, Unix and Windows using Flutter development tool.
The android version is expected to be ready in Q1 2022
Contact us if you want to be informed on the progress of this project.
Frank Engbers is also working on simulation of metabolites, valuable information for drugs like: Lidocaine, Midazolam, Ketamine, Remimazolam, Remifentanil
By the way, did you know that you can already run TivatrainerX on the new Macbooks with M1 processor?
Great for workshops and online education!